chantal_panozzo_picWhen Chantal moved back to the United States in 2014 after working for almost a decade as an English copywriter in Switzerland, something strange happened: her Swiss clients came with her.

Chantal couldn’t have been happier. Because once you work globally, you never want to stop working globally. So in 2016, Chantal founded Cross Border Content Inc. to continue to provide creative solutions for globally minded clients, wherever in the world they may be.

When you work with Cross Border Content Inc., you work with Chantal, who has over a decade of international experience creating ideas and copy for global brands.

The best part? When you work with Chantal, you’re hiring an English copywriter who understands the Swiss, German, and American markets. Plus, true to her company name, you’re also hiring someone with writing experience that goes beyond not just the borders of her own country, but beyond traditional industry borders too.

When you work with Chantal, you’re working with someone who has written for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. You’re working with someone who has written travel guidebooks and articles and understands both Swiss and American culture on many levels. And you’re working with an author of a published book who has four more on the way. In other words, when you work with Cross Border Content, you’re working with someone with deep writing experience, who, most importantly, loves what she does.

Englisch Texterin: Chantal kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen. Ihr Deutsch ist noch nicht perfekt, aber sie lernt jeden Tag ein bisschen und kann Deutsch-English Werbung Texte übersetzen.