Cross Border Content

Grüezi, people.

Welcome to Cross Border Content Inc.

Founded by American writer Chantal Panozzo in 2016, Cross Border Content Inc. provides creative solutions for globally minded projects. From English copywriting for Swiss, German, and American brands to articles, essays, blogs, and books that ponder what it means to be international in the 21st century, Cross Border Content goes beyond the minutia to deliver big ideas to the world.


Print. Television. Radio. Web. As an international copywriting consultancy, Cross Border Content creates text for all of these mediums. It also specializes in creating brand voices, writing taglines, advertorials, press releases, blogging/content marketing, and writing writing.

Wow, writing writing. Does anyone even do that anymore? Ja, ja.

German To English Adaptations

Achtung, people. Thanks to her years of experience as a lone English copywriter at various Swiss ad agencies, Cross Border Content’s founder has an intermediate level of German and an expert level of adapting German ads and copy text to English. She’s adapted advertising texts for Swiss banks, Swiss airlines, German cars, and more. Chantal is a copywriter first and a translator second. And that makes all the difference, mitenand.

Non-native English Adaptations

Have some writing that now a native English edit needs? Maybe it’s a presentation for a new business pitch or maybe it’s to polish an entry for an international award show. The founder of Cross Border Content has over a decade of experience making sure the best ideas shine no matter what language they were originally created in. Want to know a secret? Sometimes, even native English speakers need help.